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Superior services

Superior services ranging from field services to technical services to training.

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Technical services

Our field service technicians (FSTs) provide the following services:

  • Service equipment to AARD standards and specifications
  • Attend to breakdowns
  • Supply spares after hours
  • Audit equipment and provide detailed reports to the client’s engineering personnel
  • Provide advice on service maintenance

Maintenance contracts include these options:

  • AARD can provide full maintenance contracts to a client
  • AARD can quote on labour only, our rates are transparent

Service exchange units

  • AARD provides service exchange axles, transmissions, convertors, brake heads and engines
  • AARD can provide its own service exchange components or those that are company specific

Mine optimization

  • AARD assists clients with TM3 selection
  • AARD provides assistance to clients on new projects, determining budgets, cost estimates and TM3 equipment costs related to the life of mine


At AARD we have a skills development programme in place to ensure the necessary internal training takes place in line with our Workplace Skills Plan (WSP). AARD currently has 11 NQF registered trainers and assessors of whom two are moderators. All trainers are accredited by MERSETA (metal, engineering and related industries SETA). Our training centre at Chamdor is also MERSETA-accredited.

Training for our customers is divided in the following catagories:

Operator training

Our trainers provide operator training for all our equipment at the customer’s premises.

Operators are qualified as “capable” by our trainers as MHSA regulations require the mine supervisor on the mine to find the operator “competent” and the appointed engineer to issue the operating license.

Technical training

AARD has technical training programmes for all its equipment and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components. The training programmes include training in the maintenance and service of all equipment and components.

Technical training can either be done at the customer’s premises or at AARD’s training centre at Chamdor.