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Safety, Health, Risk, Environment and Quality (SHREQ)

Health, safety and environment are all critically important in the mining industry, both around the world and in South Africa. New and revised legislation, directives and standards have been introduced placing increasing emphasis on these issues.

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As a manufacturer of underground drilling equipment, utility vehicles and load and haul equipment, AARD’s products must meet stringent SHREQ requirements. Noise, vibration, exhaust emission levels and visibility are all typical hazards associated with our products and must be taken into consideration in the design and manufacturing process.

In addition to meeting all the relevant South African and European industry safety standards, our fleet of equipment conforms to ISO specifications and to the requirements of the Mine Health and Safety Act (MHSA). We have also introduced a number of our own engineering control measures – including exclusive safety features – to enhance the safety of our vehicles.

Our quality department inspects and tests all products to the relevant SABS standards. We use external consultants for risk assessments on each and every vehicle.

The company has the following certifications:

The company has the following certifications: